Cease and Desist Letter from some lawyers

While working on our product, we just received a scary letter from Richard Law Group. They are unhappy that we describe our software as “iPhone client for OneNote”, saying that we are confusing customers, making them think that our software is somehow coming from Microsoft. They also demanded some of our web domains, saying we are violating Microsoft’s trademarks. I won’t give much more details about their statements and demands at this time, because the story might not be over just yet. However, while finding out how domain name disputes are resolved, I came across a wonderful site of the National Arbitration Forum: Domain Name Disputes.

It gives a lot of information: rules, polices, etc about how these domain name disputes are resolved. If you haven’t gotten into a dispute with anyone, you should still check it out. It clearly shows that you should be careful when picking a name and domain for your new wonderful product or service. If it is even remotely similar to anyone’s trademark, you might expect that they will go after your domain eventually. Especially so if you are successful. It will also give you a pretty good idea about what arguments and reasoning work during the disputes. You may read it here about how that Richard Law Group actually won the case about zunehd.net, which was then transferred to Microsoft. “Respondent asserts that Complainant is a large corporation which is used to getting its way” – this is a hilarious argument, but it’s not working.


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