MobileNoter goes into beta status

We just started shipping our MobileNoter for beta-testing. It’s not as exciting as a first sale, but it’s still a great day. This is our second product launch in 3 years. The first was AvailSuite – small business management software. The overwhelming feelings ignited by the first customer and the first sale are absolutely unforgettable.

We’ve learned many things from developing our first product. One of them is being quick. We spent more than a year working on AvailSuite before shipping it to the customers. It’s much shorter with MobileNoter. Another thing is that we are actively measuring customers’ interest in the product now. We do know that there are a lot of people who really want to access and use OneNote on their iPhones. There are even people who say that they would buy iPhone once there is OneNote software for it. Yay, we are helping Apple to sell more iPhones!


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