Web 2.0 in Turkey (the country)

While being on a short vacation in Turkey, I noticed how the web becomes less usefull there. First, they block YouTube.com, WordPress.com, and Google knows what else. Everybody knows that Chinese government are the bad guys, but here we are, the country that wants to become a part of EU blocks stuff.

Second, Google Maps work very poorly there. When I type my hotel name and add other search terms to make it unmistakable for Google, I still get dozens of results, all scattered around the city. Only one of those results is right, and it is not easy to find out which one. Then, there is no information about surrounding locations. Google doesn’t know the places around – what shops, restaurants, other nice things are there. The user created maps are unverified and are quite unprecise to put it mildly. The user photos on the map are also scattered randomly, sometimes clearly off the place. The more incorrect and unverified data users put in, the more it becomes useless garbage and up to the point people won’t use Google Maps at all.


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