The iPad vs a Rock

January 31, 2010

This is so beautiful, I couldn’t walk by…

By Phil Santoro:


Why iPad is an Epic Fail

January 30, 2010

I was really looking forward to getting the future Apple tablet. Then at some point I thought: “it will be a cool device, but it will cost about $1000 just like everything from Apple, and it will probably arrive to the market somewhere late 2010”. So I chickened and bought a nice new netbook Compaq Mini 311c.

Turned out, I was all wrong: the iPad will arrive soon, it’s seemingly not overpriced, and it’s totally not cool. Let’s start by comparing iPad to Mini 311c and then see if the tablet is good for anything at all. I won’t compare GHz’s and GB’s. They are in the same price category, similar size, the tablet is slightly smaller and lighter. Let’s get down to consumer characteristics:

  Mini 311c iPad
Battery life 6 hours 10 hours
Camera front webcam none
Web surfing any browser, plugins, Flash basic Safari, no Flash
Apps anything goes AppStore only
Gaming real 3D games like COD6 run very basic
Video 720p screen, 1080p HDMI standard
USB 3 ports needs adapter

So, I can use the Mini for web browsing, video chats, HD video, gaming. I can use iPad for lame web browsing, and for …. AppStore browsing. iPad is not a normal computer, is not a multimedia device, not a gaming device, not an eBook reader. To further add to the offence, it’s locked into the AppStore.

Obviously, Apple is up to something. They can’t just deliver a device, which is not good for anything at all. What they are trying to do is to invent a new product category. Something like “a household tablet to read e-magazines and for occasional web-surfing”. The fact that the category name is so long is a bad sign. It means they will have to educate consumers about how their iPad is nice and useful.

But it won’t help, because their product is very ordinary. With iPhone, it tooks others 2-3 years to deliver similarly cool devices. With iPad, it will be eaten alive by the competition this year.

The best study of AppStore marketing to the date is here

January 27, 2010

I can’t believe someone published a brilliant study of AppStore marketing. Some nice key points:

  • Price reduction by 2 times resulted in 3 times more units sold.
  • Free ad supported version of an app can easily bring more revenue than the premium paid version.
  • Good free version of an app is a must, especially if the premium version is expensive.
  • Web advertising for AppStore is utterly useless.
  • Cross-application advertising for AppStore is almost useless.
  • AppStore Ranking algorithm revealed!

TechCrunch was just hacked

January 27, 2010

As of this exact moment, the TechCrunch site is definitely hacked. There is some offensive messsage at the top of the homepage. I’d post the screenshot, if it hasn’t contained lots of f-bombs. So, “turns out” LAMP isn’t more secure than Windows? 😉

Bill gives Facebook another try

January 21, 2010

Turns out, Bill Gates started using Facebook (again) and also just started using his Twitter account, which was created half-year ago. My guess is he’ll stop using them both soon, OR will assign a secretary or PR person to handle it. These services might be good for him to encourage people to do more charity, but it certainly doesn’t require his personal involvement.

I don’t see any value in Twitter, and only limited value in Facebook (unless you are a student). It might be fun, but it also distracts you from real life. This endless stream of status updates and messages is just resembling spam. Any sane person avoids spam.

Raise more money, it’s never enough

January 19, 2010

I enjoy reading about dubious startups raising more and more money on TechCrunch every day. How about a startup to burn through $6M to develop a customer support forum software? Basically, it’s the same thing you can achieve with free and open sourced phpBB or dozens of other forum packages like that. Noone will pay you for this guys.

Or how about burning $34M to develop software that lets you “monitor your brand on Facebook and Twitter” and “engage with consumers around conversations regarding a brand”? You really can’t make this stuff up…

What happened recently…

January 16, 2010

Whoa, a month of no posts, what a shame. The most notable things that happened recently:

 – We released a Wi-Fi version of MobileNoter. The Wi-Fi version doesn’t use a cloud server to sync notes between your computer and your iPhone. It looks like it is pretty popular among our users. We should probably have implemented the Wi-Fi version first.

 – We are getting close to thousands of paying customers of MobileNoter. It’s nice considering that we started selling the application only 2 months ago.

 – I went on vacations to Thailand for 2 weeks. Internet sucked big time in the location I was, thus no posts.