How can companies use my social graph?

It’s interesting to see when the brick-and-mortar companies will start actively use people’s social connections. There are so many examples how it can be done.

1. Many mobile network carriers have plans with one or more “favorite numbers”. When I make a call to one of these numbers, the call is cheaper or entirely free for me. Why not offer me to make all my Facebook connections “favorite numbers”? Make them cheap to call if they are with other carrier and free to call if they are on the same carrier. It’s an incentive for all of us to stick with one carrier.

2. When I buy a vacations tour, why not offer me a discount if I make all of my connections know what agency I used for that? And if anyone from my connections buys at the same agency later, offer more discount or some bonus points? Same goes for anything, like when one buys movie tickets, insurance, or clothes.

The key here is to create incentives for people to promote products and services to their social graph. The reward should be paid for actions (my friend also bought certain something), not for clicks and views. When companies start doing that, they won’t need any other advertisement. Facebook will be the major ad platform of the future, not Google.


One Response to How can companies use my social graph?

  1. […] to use your Facebook connections Only a few days ago I discussed the idea of companies using people’s social graph for mass-scale marketing, and here comes the news: Apple is going to do just that in iTunes. This is huge. It will add more […]

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