iPad’s impact on our sales

We released MobileNoter for iPad about a month and a half ago, just at the iPad grand opening. Looking back, we can review the impact it had on our sales.

The release resulted in a huge spike in downloads and a modest spike in sales. It turned out that iPhone version sales were up, while iPad version sales were not good immediately after the release. How that happened? Simply enough:

1. The iPad version of MobileNoter had some problems that we could not find without testing it on a physical device. Thus not a lot of people was buying it.

2. All the iPad buzz and discussion of how Microsoft OneNote was good for tablets in general and for iPad in particular led to more downloads of the iPhone version of MobileNoter and consequently to more sales.

Therefore we were able to ride Apple’s marketing hype of iPad and increase our sales.

Once we got the device in our hands, we released a significantly improved version for iPad, and people are downloading and purchasing iPad version of MobileNoter in droves. The total sales increased by roughly 50% and continue climbing.

It seems that EverNote’s growth of paying customers is more or less flat recently. If this continues, we expect to match them in the number of new paying customers added monthly by the end of this year!


3 Responses to iPad’s impact on our sales

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