Microsoft is still an awesome business

While nobody likes Microsoft, and Apple has recently topped their market capitalization, Microsoft remains to be a very strong business. There is a good post Microsoft by the numbers that shows it.

A few of my favorites:

$8.2 Billion
Apple Net income for fiscal year ending  Sep 2009. [source]

$6.5 Billion
Google Net income for fiscal year ending Dec 2009. [source]

$14.5 Billion
Microsoft Net Income for fiscal year ending June 2009. [source]

What? Microsoft makes the same amount of money as Apple and Google COMBINED?

Linux Server market share in 2005. [source]

Predicted Linux Server market share for 2007 (made in 2005). [source]

Actual Linux Server market share, Q4 2009. [source]

The Linux Servers were predicated to make Windows Server irrelevant one day. Looks like Linux is the loser now.

Number of Windows 7 licenses sold, making Windows 7 by far the fastest growing operating system in history.[source]

Percentage of US netbooks running Windows in 2008. [source]

Percentage of US netbooks running Windows in 2009. [source]

Android, Chrome OS, anyone?


One Response to Microsoft is still an awesome business

  1. Yuri Zholobov says:

    And what about the Microsoft market value chart (from It seems at least by market value (I don’t really know who this correlates with net income) Microsoft stalls for last decade. While all the other contenders (Google, Apple) grow. Yes Microsoft still lives on the legacy of Gates, but I think it will be exhausted very soon if nothing changes inside Microsoft.

    For me it’s clear that Microsoft already has what it needs to grow same as Google and Apple: Microsoft Surface is genius (but they don’t want to move it to mainstream for many years already), .NET (C#, WPF, Silverlight) for many years remains the best managed environment, Windows Phone 7 is potentially great. It just seems somewhere in Microsoft top management there are many non-competent people. I wonder when they will move on to other companies 🙂 – I die to write some board game adaptations on Microsoft Surface. Pleeease. 🙂

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