Catch – an unlikely competitor to Evernote

Update: I wrote a new post about Catch recently. For some Google-knows-why reason a lot of people stumble upon this old post, instead of the new one.

Meet Catch – “the easiest way to capture what matters to you” as they boast on their web-site. Even though they don’t say so, some tech review sites name them as a competitor to Evernote. Have they got what it takes to be an Evernote competitor? OK, they got a great name – Catch. This is much better than “3banana” as they used to be called (I’m NOT kidding on this one). What else? A client for iPhone/iPad, a client for Android. Calling themselves a platform. You know, it’s not cool to be an app these days. You have to be a global platform for human memory or at least simply a platform, so that some VCs will give you money.

However, what they are missing the most is a business model and customers. You read that right. Catch doesn’t have any paying users at the time of this writing. With this trait, I am not even sure they can be considered as a competitor to anyone. Any startup that offers a free product or service has to pull the trigger one day and start charging money. When they do it, the users start hating them and the product/service doesn’t even look so cute anymore. Because Evernote is making some buck, Catch will definitely be under pressure to start charging money soon too.

How is MobileNoter doing? Steadily growing. We plan to get more than 100,000 customers by the end of 2011. Microsoft OneNote will be incarnated on everything that is not Windows.


5 Responses to Catch – an unlikely competitor to Evernote

  1. Phil says:

    I disagree. I love Catch and would be happy to pay for it. Albeit, I just downloaded it tonight and have yet to use it in the real world, but have been testing it for quite a few hours now. I love how SIMPLE it is. FAR simpler than Evernote. Will continue to use, free or not

  2. Oleg Kokorin says:

    I am not saying it’s a bad software. It might be good. But if they are trying to directly compete with Evernote – head to head, it will be just too hard.

  3. […] looks like Catch has been updated since the last time I wrote about it. First and foremost they got a premium plan called “Catch Pro”, which is $5 per month […]

  4. akpadhi says:

    Just FYI, Catch does have a business model now. I see a “Catch Pro” upgrade option available for heavy users. Have been using this since the 3banana time. Good Android app, the web interface still leaves a lot to be desired.. Thanks.

  5. william galindo says:

    they did not lack a business model, they have good founding rounds, is a common practice to offer a service for free for a while until you catch an x number of users and then launch a freemium model (they just did it), and even if they are not the best, there is always space for a second and third player in the market as far as they differentiate, in this case CATCH offers free offline storage, means that you can access your notes out of the country an in a basement with no signal, Evernote offers that only for premium users, catch overs that to the free users

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