Evernote to OneNote converter released

We released Evernote to OneNote converter last week. Several thousands people have already downloaded it. Of course, this is not going to put a dent in Evernote’s 5 million user base. Our goal is to let more people know about MobileNoter and apparently we accomplished that. Our sales for November skyrocketed through the roof. We are going to release an Android version of MobileNoter before the end of this year.

With Android and BlackBerry releases we plan to get the number of MobileNoter users past 100,000 people by the end of 2011. This might seem not too big, however, this is roughly the number of paying users Evernote has now! And it took them 3 years and $45.5M of funding. We are going to match them in 2 years and with no external funding at all.


2 Responses to Evernote to OneNote converter released

  1. […] Honeycomb received a lot of love from the Onenote admirers. Anyway, we haven’t reached our goal of 100,000 customers yet, so nothing to brag about. This goal is postponed to the next MobileNoter birthday […]

  2. […] was a monster year for MobileNoter. We didn’t get to our goal of 100,000 customers by the end of 2011, but still we are several tens of thousands users in. If you decide to compare these numbers to […]

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