Microsoft ditches Windows Phone 7

Microsoft still hasn’t revealed sales numbers for their Windows Phone 7 and they probably have a reason not to. Meanwhile, Steve Ballmer said during CES that Microsoft “is going to continue to invest in WP7 aggressively in the future“.

 However, there are several indications that they already lost faith in Windows Phone 7 and are not willing to bid everything on it. One of them is the release of OneNote for iPhone.

Why did they release it at all? Microsoft will never move a finger for a market smaller than say $1b. Obviously, they don’t expect to make any significant money off OneNote for iPhone. But if they port their entire Office suite to iPhone and iPad, that’s a totally different matter. With the number of devices going into hundreds of millions that’s a $1b market.

Here is the problem: if Microsoft kept Office suite exclusively to Windows Phone 7 platform, it would have been a strong advantage of WP7, especially in the eyes of corporate users. Apparently, the Office division in Microsoft won over WP7 group and the exclusivity won’t hold. And WP7 is doomed without all the help it can get from Microsoft.


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