Lesson learned: iPad wins

It was a year ago when people started making funny jokes about the iPad. Then the device showed up in stores and turned out to be a good one. People loved our MobileNoter for iPad, and it helped our sales a lot. But more interesting is that Apple sold 14.8 million iPads in 2010.

That’s huge for a market created overnight, out of nowhere.

Even more interesting are analysts predictions for iPad sales in 2010. Remember, these are high paid analysts, whose insights are taken into account by top investment banks in the worlds (figures are in millions):

– David Bailey, Goldman Sachs           6.2

– Kathryn Huberty, Morgan Stanley     6.0

– Shaw Wu, Kauffman Bros.              5.0

– Mike Abramsky, RBC Capital Markets   5.0

– Ben Reitzes, Barclays Capital           2.9

– Chris Whitmore, Deutsche Bank       2.0

– Scott Craig, Merrill Lynch               1.2

– Doug Reid, Thomas Weisel             1.1

– Yair Reiner, Oppenheimer             1.1

Analysts data are taken from here. It goes to show how disruptive this Apple’s shiny tablet turned out to be. Apparently, more surprises to come. Apple is about to unveil iPad 2 while there are still no worthy competitors out there for the old iPad.




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