We did it again: another release for Android

MobileNoter SE for AndroidWe just released a new shiny MobileNoter SE into Android Market. How is this release different from the one we did a week ago? Well, the differences are significant.

First, the application was completely rewritten. SE stands for Standalone Edition. It highlights the fact that the shiny MobileNoter SE doesn’t require a Windows synchronization client and it doesn’t require Microsoft OneNote. Pretty soon the SE version will be able to grab OneNote files from DropBox, SkyDrive, and other file sync and share services. We believe this to be a huge advantage compared to Evernote and its clones. With Evernote, all your notes reside on Evernote servers. You don’t have any control over your data. You don’t own your data. You don’t even know who and when may decide to peek into your data. When you can store your notes on DropBox or similar services, you have much more control. Plus, most of these services give you a lot of space for free. Even better, you can set up your personal DropBox-like server and use it to sync all your data, including notes. While this may sound complex, this is the way the corporate users will go. No corporate would want to store their employees’ notes on someone else’s servers (be it Evernote or SkyDrive). They would want to host the server themselves for security purposes. Pretty soon we are going to give them this ability!

The second difference between MobileNoter and MobileNoter SE is that the latter is sold through the Android Market, while the former can be downloaded for free. Before this, we’ve used Plimus and PayPal to sell software. Well, Google Checkout is definitely the easiest to set up a merchant account with. However, the merchant interface is so basic at the moment. It’s not just basic, it is plain ugly to the point of being unusable. Come on people! Even downloaded CSV files with transactions are not formatted properly, like dates are wrong and amounts are mixed with currency symbols. I really hope Google will fix this soon.


2 Responses to We did it again: another release for Android

  1. […] Amazon approved MobileNoter SE into its Appstore a few days ago, and the first sales are rolling in. Amazon Appstore is weird in many ways. For example, they have the right to change the price of your app. Unlike Android Market, they take time to approve apps and they don’t reveal identity of the buyers to the vendors. On the bright side, they got transaction export into Excel right, which is still a great problem for Google. […]

  2. Re: Why ain’t it 03/10/2011

    Because that’s a very US-centric view of how dates and times should be formatted? On the other hand, if it’s going to correctly follow ISO 8601, it ought to be 2011-03-10.

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