Update on note-taking app Catch

It looks like Catch has been updated since the last time I wrote about it. First and foremost they got a premium plan called “Catch Pro”, which is $5 per month or $45 per year. If you think this is just like Evernote, you are correct. Catch is similarly creative in how they limit free accounts: you can upload a limited number of pictures and hi-res images per month among other limitations.

Catch also got some platform additions: browser plug-ins for Chrome, MSIE and FireFox, plus they got an API for third-party developers.

I tried the iPhone app and it worked pretty well. It’s very simple, but get the job done. Still, I fail to see how Catch is different from Evernote. It seems that they are going to repeat just every Evernote’s step. As of now, Catch has few features, but this is also how Evernote started. I bet Catch will be beefing up with all kind of features in the near future.

Now some MobileNoter news: DropBox and SkyDrive support for MobileNoter SE is coming out any day now. Then we’ll have a major update to our iPhone app in April with some long awaited capabilities



4 Responses to Update on note-taking app Catch

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  2. Quoted from the Catch.com TOS:

    We reserve the right, but shall have no obligation, to pre-screen, reject, review, quarantine, delete or move any Content available with the Service, and to enable certain third parties to review Content, without obligation to any person.

    Not really interested if my content can be removed, or reviewed by third parties. MobileNoter’s TOS and privacy policy is much more palatable in this regard…

    • Oleg Kokorin says:

      All these services that host your notes (Evernote, Catch, etc.) are kind of vulnerable to the law enforcement bodies and similar entities, which can easily ask the service to disclose your notes.
      Things are different with MobileNoter. We don’t host your data and don’t intend to. The choice to host your data is yours, be it Skydrive, Dropbox, or your computer. Therefore we won’t review, pre-screen or otherwise mess with your notes.

  3. […] used to say that Catch (a note-taking application) repeats everything after Evernote, but turns out […]

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