Startup weekend in Novosibirsk

For the fist time ever had we something with words “startup” and “Novosibirsk” in one sentence. Yes, last weekend there was a Startup Weekend held in Novosibirsk, organized by Arkady Moreinis and his incubator company Glavstart. Over 200 people gathered for a marathon of presentations, pitches, and discussions. A lot of crazy ideas, but some were noteworthy. As a result, Glavstart offered $10,000 of seed investment to three startups ($10K for each company). These 3 do not even have working prototypes – they have just ideas, wrapped into 7-8 page presentations.

I think this event was a huge success and it will attract more people in the future. It is certainly not going to turn local startup community into Silicon Valley type of thing any time soon, but it’s a good step in the right direction. It will certainly lead to new companies created and new product launched.



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  1. […] last weekend, organized by Glavstart as usual. There were fewer participants than during the spring Startup Weekend. This time however I was involved as an expert, giving advice to the aspiring […]

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