Google Android market vs Amazon Appstore for Android

Update: as of November 2011, our Android version of the app outsells iOS version of the app.

Since our release of MobileNoter SE into Amazon Appstore two months ago, our sales have been growing steadily, but one thing remains the same: Google Android market outsells Amazon Appstore by 10 times. In other words, an application that brings $10K of monthly sales in Google market will sell for a total of $1K in Amazon market.

The ratio is pretty accurate, because we sell exactly the same application, and we don’t have any marketing or PR targeting specifically any of the markets.

And from the Captain Obvious department: both of these markets, even combined, are still being dwarfed by the Apple AppStore sales.


9 Responses to Google Android market vs Amazon Appstore for Android

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  2. no one says:

    maybe the android sales are dwarffed by apples sales because your android app sucks.

    • Oleg Kokorin says:

      You trying-to-stay-anonymous-commenter are making a valid point, but apparently it’s not the case. Our main Android app is pretty the same as the iOS one. We also have an SE version (standalone edition) on Android, which syncs with SkyDrive and DropBox, but still lacks editing. Plus, we have several updates of the Android apps this year and none for the iOS apps.

  3. Joel says:

    No, actually ‘no one’ is right. It does suck. I can’t get it to sync with Skydrive for the life of me. It’ll sync with Dropbox just fine but it doesn’t sync all files and never gives me a status. It always says ‘Status Unknown’ or something like that. Also, it doesn’t sync all the notes I ask it to. I sync a notebook. It’ll sync most of the pages but not all so it’s unreliable.

    • Joel says:

      Actually, I’ll have to recant what I said earlier. I decided to give MobileNoter SE another try and I think I realized what’s happening. The problem is the app takes a while to download notes and people are thinking it’s freezing or not working. I let MN SE sit for five minutes to load my notebooks (I have quite a few) but to me, as a user, that seems quite extreme. Therefore, it does work and with time, I’m sure (hoping) it’ll get better. I just thought it wasn’t connecting to Skydrive at all but apparently I was wrong. Just wanted to put that out for anyone who may see my earlier post.

      • Joel says:

        Oh wait, nope. Spoke too soon. I just tried to sync with Skydrive and yet again, the app doesn’t show new notes I’ve written to OneNote in the past 1/2 hour. I made sure I updated my new notes by syncing in OneNote. I looked at OneNote on my Skydrive account and they’re there. I clicked the sync button in MobileNoter SE and low and behold- no new notes. Also, on top of that, every time I open MB SE or sync, it opens up every blasted folder and subfolder. Why?!!

        Again, I appreciate your efforts in making a OneNote app for Android but it simply fails. It’s not a good app (as of this post) so ‘no one’ was right. It’s lacking.

      • Oleg Kokorin says:


        Are you using the version of MobileNoter bought from Amazon or from Google Android Market? The problem with Amazon is that they put an app through a review process, plus they do tricks with our price (reducing it at will). Overall, we are not very happy with Amazon and thus our applications are updated there not as quickly as they are in Google Android Market.

        I am sorry to hear you have problems with MobileNoter SE. Please contact our customer support with this issue.

        On a side note: as of now, our Android version of the app totally outsells iOS version of the app.

      • Joel says:

        Oleg, I sorry, didn’t see your response until today. I bought the MobileNoter app through the Android Market.

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