Web Ready 2010 update

MobileNoter was a contestant in Web Ready 2010 finals, but didn’t make it to the winners. Let’s take a look at some of the participants who made a noticeable progress in the startup game since the finals:

  • Yam (2nd place in Web Ready 2010) received investment of $500k from Foresight Ventures. YaM (Yet Another Meeting) is a cloud-based solution for effective meeting management. It covers meeting scheduling, agenda management, note-taking, and follow-ups.
  • SaeX (one of the semi-finalists) received investment of $500k from Foresight Ventures too, and then (in a second round) $300k from unnamed Canadian investment company. SaeX is a service that lets people sell and buy other people’s contact information, for example emails and phone numbers of top managers and politicians.
  • copiny (one of the semi-finalists) received angel round from a private investor. Copiny aims at simplifying communications between a company and its customers.
  • No public information is available about 1st place winner Quadra and 3rd place winner Alloka, but given their plans to expand into new geo-markets in 2011, they must be either doing really well or silently getting some investments too.

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