Social games company i-Jet is close to bankruptcy

September 25, 2011

i-Jet, a social games development and publishing company is on a verge of a bankruptcy. Its CEO Alexey Kostarev said in an interview that they are selling a number of their game development studios, but “he is not worried, because they are profitable and can stand on their own”. He also admitted that the company hasn’t paid salaries to its employes for several months. These words coming from the CEO speak for themselves.

i-Jet used to be a famous company, a typical success story, widely covered in the press including Forbes (published in Russia) and Vedomosti – the leading Russian business newspaper created by the Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal. One of their first games “Happy Farmer” brought them over $20 millions in the first year ($10 million after the social network cut).

The company was said to be estimated at $100 million at its peak, but apparently the owners never sold for different reasons.

Alexey Kostarev blames the saturated market: there are just too many games. The average time a user plays a game reduced from 2 months to 2 weeks. That hurt both DAU and ARPU. The marketing costs skyrocketed. The costs of development of a game increased tenfold. This sounds like a helluva market. Zynga, what are you waiting for?


MobileNoter SE updated in August, as promised

September 4, 2011

From now on, the Android users are able to view and edit their OneNote files without any additional synch software (MobileNoter Windows Synch Client in particular). The users can pull the latest version of their OneNote notebook from a Skydrive or Dropbox account, edit it on their Android phone, and synch the notebook back to the Skydrive/Dropbox account. All this is done without any PC involved.

This is a significant achievement. Even though the following updates will improve MobileNoter even more (we’ll add inking, support for 3.0+ tablet devices, improved editing), this release is a major accomplishment, one of the best things we did during this year. I want to thank the team – everyone involved in this release for their hard work and getting things done!