Another Startup Weekend in Novosibirsk

Another Startup Weekend was held in Novosibirsk last weekend, organized by Glavstart as usual. There were fewer participants than during the spring Startup Weekend. This time however I was involved as an expert, giving advice to the aspiring teams.

Overall, the event became somewhat smaller: fewer startup teams, fewer experts, fewer solid ideas, and fewer crazy ideas. Many experts that were working during the spring Weekend didn’t show up this time, meaning they probably didn’t like it enough. The overall level of ideas was pretty good. Only one idea (out of about 50) was to create a new social network, one to create a 3D game for social networks, and one to create a copy of Ning (which is a factory for social networks).

The most solid idea was a clone of gild – which would be a success on a local market, if properly done. Another cool idea was a widget for online gadget catalogs – the widget would display detailed information about a gadget, with specs, photos, reviews, etc. Every site that sells computers and gadgets has its own presentation engine for this, and many times the information is not accurate or poorly presented. The widget would solve this problem. I am sure this is also a clone of someone’s idea, since it is pretty obvious.

I spent a lot of time with Vasiliy Gnuchev talking about his startup – Team Plan. The logo (or theme picture) for Team Plan is at the top of this post. It is trying to create a collaboration tool for architects (the real ones – not the IT ones). It is a clone from Construction Online. Team Plan definitely has some promise if the guys can handle the development.

Here is a picture from the event. The guy with the money is Arkady Moreinis.


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  1. […] turns out that Glavstart did fund a project during the last startup weekend in Novosibirsk. The winner received an angel round of investment of about $100K. The winner startup’s name […]

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