MobileNoter SE for Android Tablets released

Another addition to our MobileNoter family – this time it is MobileNoter SE for Android tablets. This release is so fresh that it is not even covered on our site, so I give a link to the app in the Android market. BTW, great job of the developers for releasing the application on Saturday! Not so great job of the marketing…

Onenote is a great application to use on the tablets, except that Onenote doesn’t exist for iPads nor for various Android tablets. That’s why people use MobileNoter – it is essentially Onenote ported to the mobile platforms.

It is worth noting that our sales for the Android platform have recently grown to 40% of the gross sales of MobileNoter. I believe the sales for Android will match the iOS sales with this release pretty soon. Still, there are more releases and updates of MobileNoter planned for this year.



One Response to MobileNoter SE for Android Tablets released

  1. MS has dropped the ball yet again for us Android users by not providing a full, robust MS Office app, especially a OneNote app. What’s wrong with them?! They could have owned the mobile market. I remember the old PocketPC platform with fondness – fundamentally, it blows the current mobile operating systems out of the water because it could do just about everything the current ones can (relatively speaking, of course), plus its “ink centrality,” which is severely lacking in today’s mobile OSs, was really superb.

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