Microsoft Office is coming to iPad

November 30, 2011

According to various sources, including The Daily, Microsoft Office is coming to iPad in 2012. It seems as Microsoft finally admitted the importance of iPad platform. On the other hand, releasing MS Office for iPad is a bad strategic move for Windows 8 based tablets and therefore for Windows 8 that will also appear in 2012. If the Windows 8 tablets were the only to offer the super popular office suite, it would have been a serious advantage for them, especially in the enterprise field. Even more surprising is that Microsoft will start paying the “Apple tax” – the 30% Apple takes from all sales in their Appstore…

It is taken for granted that the iPad Office suite will have Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It is interesting to see if it includes Outlook and Onenote as well. The latter is somewhat important for us, because we are going to release huge updates to our MobileNoter for iOS pretty soon.


Kindle Fire is a firestarter

November 27, 2011

Amazon released their Kindle Fire only about a week ago, but the sales our MobileNoter in Amazon AppStore have exploded. They are still not as big as those of the Apple’s or Google’s appstores, but an increase by 5 times is a nice thing. Amazon AppStore is definitely getting some traction after all. That’s why we are going to release our HD version into Amazon – it should be approved any day now. Also, we are going to do an update to our Android versions of MobileNoter with some really nice features in December this year.

MobileNoter turned two!

November 14, 2011

It’s been 2 years since the first commercial version of MobileNoter was released. Even though it’s still far from perfection, the recent release for Android Honeycomb received a lot of love from the Onenote admirers. Anyway, we haven’t reached our goal of 100,000 customers yet, so nothing to brag about. This goal is postponed to the next MobileNoter birthday party.


A beautiful concept of the future phones

November 13, 2011


New MobileNoter SE for Android tablets tutorial video released

November 9, 2011

The new MobileNoter SE for Android tablets is awesome. People are not just saying that, they are also putting their money where their mouths are. Here is the tutorial video:

Google Checkout is broken again

November 7, 2011

Dilbert.comGoogle continuous to surprise with some extremely broken features in their Checkout product. They have had a broken formatting of downloadable transaction files for many months by now. It is still not fixed. They were losing developers’ payouts – this problem affected us too. They were revealing customers’ real addresses and emails – this story received very little attention in the press by the way.

And recently their notorious “download transaction logs” feature just stopped working and hasn’t been working for a week by now.

What’s common among these issues:

  • the problems are never fixed quickly. Several weeks are required even for what seems to be a simple fix.
  • you will never get a customer support from Google. First, Google doesn’t even display an email address of the customer support. You are supposed to post into a support forum. Second, you can never hope to receive any answer to your request. Sometimes a Google person will reply to a post in the forum, but obviously there are hundreds and thousands posts every day without replies.

Hey Google, show some love to the customers?