Google Checkout is broken again

Dilbert.comGoogle continuous to surprise with some extremely broken features in their Checkout product. They have had a broken formatting of downloadable transaction files for many months by now. It is still not fixed. They were losing developers’ payouts – this problem affected us too. They were revealing customers’ real addresses and emails – this story received very little attention in the press by the way.

And recently their notorious “download transaction logs” feature just stopped working and hasn’t been working for a week by now.

What’s common among these issues:

  • the problems are never fixed quickly. Several weeks are required even for what seems to be a simple fix.
  • you will never get a customer support from Google. First, Google doesn’t even display an email address of the customer support. You are supposed to post into a support forum. Second, you can never hope to receive any answer to your request. Sometimes a Google person will reply to a post in the forum, but obviously there are hundreds and thousands posts every day without replies.

Hey Google, show some love to the customers?


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