Kindle Fire is a firestarter

Amazon released their Kindle Fire only about a week ago, but the sales our MobileNoter in Amazon AppStore have exploded. They are still not as big as those of the Apple’s or Google’s appstores, but an increase by 5 times is a nice thing. Amazon AppStore is definitely getting some traction after all. That’s why we are going to release our HD version into Amazon – it should be approved any day now. Also, we are going to do an update to our Android versions of MobileNoter with some really nice features in December this year.


6 Responses to Kindle Fire is a firestarter

  1. Al says:

    Can you be more definitive on the date of approval in the Amazon App Store for the Mobilnoter version that will allow handwriting to be captured when editing a note? I am going to return my Kindle Fire if I can’t get that functionality.

    • Oleg Kokorin says:

      Al, here is the schedule for handwriting capture:
      1. We are updating our app with handwriting display capability (*) tomorrow. It will appear in the Google Market immediately, but it will take 5-10 days to appear in the Amazon Appstore.

      2. We will add handwriting capture in two weeks, this makes it December 15. Again, it will be immediately available from Google and in about 5-10 days after that from Amazon. So the concrete date to get it on Kindle Fire is December 20-25.

      (*) “handwriting display capability” means the app will display handwriting that existed in your notebooks when you load them from SkyDrive or Dropbox. The app will display the handwriting, but won’t be able to capture it at that point.

  2. AuCourantDBA says:

    Is MobileNoter available for the Nook Tablet? I have compared the Kindle and the Nook and I think that I prefer the Nook, although not having MobileNoter might be a deal breaker for me.

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