MobileNoter SE for Android updated

Our MobileNoter SE for Android was just updated in the Google Android Market. The main reason for the update: inking capability has been completed! The users can draw sketches, outline important places – one of the most loved features of Onenote, something that’s not available to Evernote users. Needless to say, this feature will be available in the HD version very soon, iOS versions of MobileNoter to follow.


5 Responses to MobileNoter SE for Android updated

  1. vineman says:

    downloaded the trial to see what you guys are made of – it’s pretty worthless as far as trials go with limited functionality – can’t create new OneNotes? really? You guys are so close, but the price is high in a market where $5 is expensive. You want to beat MS to the punch? sell cheap and lock in users before the big guy moves in. you’re gonna miss your window pretty soon

    • Oleg Kokorin says:

      Good news first: now that inking is done, “add new note” is the feature we are working on. We expect it to be finished and delivered in February – probably in a couple of weeks.

      On the big guys: don’t think so. It took Microsoft forever to deliver Onenote to iPhone and then iPad. And after all the time and effort, their Onenote for iOS doesn’t even display note formatting and inking, I would even say that Microsoft Onenote for iOS pretty much resembles Evernote = FAIL. That’s iOS we are talking about. Android is totally outside of Microsoft’s target platforms.

      On the price: we are aware of the problem and are considering changes in our prices.

  2. halfempty says:

    Just want to clarify a statement in the blog …. “Needless to say, this feature will be available in the HD version very soon, iOS versions of MobileNoter to follow”. I thought that the iPad already had drawing capability?

    I’m a very heavy OneNote user on my laptop, but would like to get a tablet version to take to meetings to essentially replace my pen and paper, draw and hand write notes from a meeting (preferably with a stylus), and sync back to my laptop. Which version and platform should I be using to get that functionality?

    • Oleg Kokorin says:

      You are correct that iPad version has the inking capability. In the statement above I was actually referring to a major overhaul of the iPad version, which will add ability to sync with DropBox, Skydrive, and Sharepoint.

      Answering your question:
      1. There are many Android devices that work well with a stylus. iPad can’t really do it.
      2. Currently, iPad version of MobileNoter doesnt’t sync with online services. Android version can sync with DropBox and Skydrive. We will update it with Sharepoint sync in a matter of a week or two. So if having your notes in an online storage is important to you, then again Android platform is strongly preferred.

      Other than that, there are no major differences between iPad and Android HD version.

  3. […] SE HD for Android has been updated in the Google Android Market. Just like with MobileNoter SE update – this update offers full inking capabilities, plus other niceties like copy/paste and […]

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