Microsoft releases OneNote for Android

Microsoft released OneNote for Android 3 days ago.

Microsoft doesn’t stop from surprising us again. First, they started with releasing OneNote for iPhone, which didn’t even launch on the phone for most users. Now, they are releasing software for Android, a Google’s platform. Yes, that Google, which is not even a real company, according to Microsoft’s CEO.

To be fair, this release does start on Android devices for most users. The user comments are filled with complaints though, about the things that work perfectly in MobileNoter for Android, including search, formatting, tags, etc.

To keep up with the coming competition, we just slashed the price for MobileNoter SE version.


7 Responses to Microsoft releases OneNote for Android

  1. I’ve been using the WiFi edition. I just did a fresh install on my Android phone and when looking for mobilenoter I typed in OneNote and found the newly released MS product. I have my OneNote files synced to SkyDrive so I installed the Android OneNote and everything synced up (about 300 notes). I agree that the formatting in MobileNoter looks more like it does on my computer but for the phone screen format that’s not as important for me as being able to sync to SkyDrive. I recommend you just have one version of MobileNoter that syncs to WiFi or SkyDrive.

  2. Jeff says:

    I just tried Microsoft’s Onenote and compared its performance to MobileNoter.

    Say what you want about Onenote, but it’s significantly faster than your offering. I timed it with a stopwatch, and it takes just 2.8 seconds to open a simple notebook page. It takes Mobilenoter 6.3 seconds to open the same page.

    Mobilenoter’s slow performance is a huge hassle. Right now, I’m stuck on Mobilenoter because Onenote for Android can’t use the SD card… but if Microsoft fixes this, I’m switching.

    • Oleg Kokorin says:

      Jeff, we are working to improve the performance of MobileNoter – we do hear this complaint sometimes. On the good side, we just released an update to MobileNoter, which syncs with SharePoint. That’s fourth update of MN in 2012, and we are only 2 months into the year! I don’t think that Microsoft is ever going to be that swift.

  3. Jonas says:

    I have tried Mobile Noter SE and Microsoft Onenote app on my Android. For me, Microsoft app is much more usefull. It works fast and have not many but working features. I really got fed up with Mobile Noter sync with skydrive – it wasn’t working at all -> finally I lost some of my notes. Formating features on Mobile Noter also works very bad. So stop mocking Microsoft and go to improve your product.

  4. nathanb131 says:

    Do you have a feature roadmap? One thing I’d love to see is note shortcuts so you can link directly to individual notes from a home screen. I’ve been really considering getting a windows phone just for this feature. My guess is that even if MS is able to do this for iphone/android that they never will in order to keep their windows phone differentiated.

    • Oleg Kokorin says:

      This feature is definitely on our list. I will check with the team to see when we can expect it to be delivered.

    • Oleg Kokorin says:

      Nathan, when you say “shortcuts from the home screen” – do you mean shortcuts in the MobileNoter opening screen or some kind of widgets on the devices home screen that would start MobileNoter and open the note off a single “click” ?

      As of the opening screens, we have “Recent” section that is useful to quickly opening recently viewed notes. If you mean the device home screen, then we don’t have that in the plans at least for the nearest month.

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