MobileNoter SE for Android syncs with SharePoint Server!

Another update to MobileNoter SE for Android – this time it’s a huge addition – an ability to sync your OneNote notes with the SharePoint Server. This puts MobileNoter into the leader of note-taking software in the number of sync services supported. Why is it important? Because the major vendors use the sync service to lock users up.

Take Evernote – it’s a nice service, but you have to cough up $5 a month for a premium plan (read: for ability to really use it), your data are locked on the Evernote servers, and you just don’t have any choice. This is a terrible proposition for most users. Evernote started strong a few years ago, but their expensive subscriptions are going to significantly slow their growth down as more alternatives appear.

Let’s review sync options for the MobileNoter users:

  • Dropbox. This is great for personal usage. Dropbox is a well-known service that’s been around for a while. You get 2GB of storage for free, and you can get more if you help them with their marketing.
  • SkyDrive. Again, great for personal usage. You get 25GB of storage for free.
  • Personal computer. This option comes with advantages and some disadvantages. It is harder to setup, because it requires a Windows sync client to be installed. Another disadvantage is that when using cloud sync (as opposed to WiFi), there is a monthly subscription, even though it’s not nearly as expensive as that of Evernote. The advantages are that the storage is only limited by your hard drive, and that you have complete control over your notes.
  • SharePoint Server, which is great for enterprise usage. I doubt that an average IT department is going to be thrilled over sensitive company information sitting on Dropbox, SkyDrive, or Evernote servers. The best option is to deploy a SharePoint Server, and give the employees the ability to use it for cloud note syncing.

Finally, I can’t help, but notice: even Microsoft OneNote for iOS/Android isn’t able to sync with Microsoft SharePoint Server. You are welcome.


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