Free mobile apps are also less secure

Not only free mobile apps are killing your battery with their ads, they also a significant security threat. A new research reveals out that the third-party ad libraries used in the free apps are likely to expose the phone to security threats: “Our study has so far uncovered a number of serious privacy and security risks from existing in-app ad libraries on the popular Android platform... Such threats range from collecting unnecessarily intrusive user information to allowing third-party code of unknown provenance to execute within the hosting app. Since Android’s permissions model cannot distinguish between actions performed by an ad library and those performed by its hosting app, the current Android system provides little indication of the existence of these threats within any given app, which necessitates a change in the way existing ad libraries can be integrated into host apps.

In other words, a typical ad-powered Android app is a Trojan horse waiting to be exploited.


One Response to Free mobile apps are also less secure

  1. So, after reading the article, we should now be aware of the effects of the free mobile and android apps. They might put our gadgets in real risk because free mobile apps has a very less security. We should not be tempted immediately on apps that offers for free. Moreover, they say that android tablets will be more and more popular for this year.

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