MobileNoter SE 4.0 released for Android

We just released new version of MobileNoter for Android, both phones and tablets. The main feature in this release is an ability to create new blank OneNote sections. The users have asked for this for a long time and finally it’s available. More details about these releases are on our product blog.

The next update (coming soon, like real soon) will contain incremental synchronization with SkyDrive and SharePoint. MobileNoter will download and upload only changes made to the notes, as opposed to sending and receiving entire data file. The incremental synchronization is the only feature of OneNote that MobileNoter doesn’t have, and finally it’s arriving to MobileNoter too.

All this nice stuff is coming to iOS version this summer too!


2 Responses to MobileNoter SE 4.0 released for Android

  1. Ujas says:

    iOS with Dropbox access? Can’t wait!

  2. What’s the point of MobileNoter if you can’t create new notebooks or pages on the smartphone? I’ve been searching for a replacement to my Palm OS based outliner (Shadowplan), but there seems to be nothing of that sort today. Especially since I’d like to sync my mobile device directly with my computers and not have to go through the cloud. If anyone has suggestions …

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