Windows 8

October 26, 2012

This headline says it all…


MobileNoter for BlackBerry released

October 9, 2012

Finally, MobileNoter has been released for the BlackBerry platform! It works on BlackBerry PlayBook tablets. We don’t have plans to migrate it to BlackBerry phones as of now, but anything is possible in the future. Needless to say, MobileNoter is the only solution available for BlackBerry users, who need to be able to work with their Onenote notebooks.

Concept of OneNote dedicated phone

October 2, 2012

Another day, another cool concept of a phone. This time it is a 5.5 inch “phablet“, a phone-tablet hybrid, dedicated specifically to OneNote MX. The phone would be obviously manufactured by Nokia, carry Windows 8, and compete with Samsung Galaxy Note family. BTW, Samsung sold over 10 millions of those, which is a number Nokia can only envy of. The source of this and other nice phone concepts is here.