Farewell HTML5

December 16, 2012

facebook ditches HTML5So much for the “new hope of mobile app development” – Facebook released an updated¬†app for Android, which replaces the webview/HTML5 architecture with a totally native implementation. The remake significantly improves the speed and overall slickness of the app, finally making it usable on Android. While we learned that HTML5 is bad for mobile a long time ago, it’s nice to see Facebook thinking the same. Also, in case you are wondering: yes, MobileNoter for Android is totally native too.




Wintel cliff

December 15, 2012

wintel share of the marketThe new Mary Meeker’s Presentation On The State Of The Web contains a slide that’s basically a snapshot of a gigantic landslide.

It took Microsoft 10 years to go from zero to 80% of the market and it will take even fewer years to go from 95% to 15% or less.