Microsoft Office to be released on Linux?

February 10, 2013

microsoft office on linuxIn a surprising news, apparently Microsoft is looking at releasing a Linux version of Office in 2014. With all due respect to Linux and its fans, the platform is hardly a lucrative market for Microsoft today. There are however some significant changes to come. Many governments throughout the world are pushing the open-source software to be used in public and quasi-public sectors. There is an official plan to move to the open source software in Russian Federation by 2015. There are initiatives like this in other countries as well. I am not going to argue whether it’s a good decision or bad, but it will definitely have a tremendous impact on the software sales by Microsoft in the years to come. After we take this movement into account, the decision to migrate Office to Linux might not be weird after all. There is one little problem though. Simply migrating Office to Linux won’t be enough. The Microsoft Office has to be open-sourced in order to be eligible. Open-sourced Microsoft Office? I said it was a surprising news…


Yandex beats Bing to become 4th largest search engine

February 9, 2013

yandexWow, nobody saw that coming!

Yandex surpassed Bing on the number of monthly search queries in November and December 2012. You might think (as I first did) that it happened in some local market, say ex-USSR territory or something. However, the figures are for the worldwide number of queries.

Now that’s just embarrassing. You would think with all the money Microsoft throws to buy users, they’d get higher in the online search game, not lower. Congratulations to the Yandex team though!