Windows 8 adoption rate is poor

Windows 8 vs Vista adoption numbersZDNet created a nice graph comparing Windows 8 adoption rate with that of Windows Vista. If the figures are true, they spell big trouble. Windows Vista was far from being popular comparing to other Windows OSes, but  Windows 8 is setting a new record of unpopularity. ZDNet offers a list of five reasons about what’s wrong with Windows 8. However, it all boils down to a single issue: the Intel based PCs is the core Windows 8 market and Windows 8 doesn’t offer enough innovation for that market. Instead, it breaks good things with the new interface.

More interesting numbers to come out in the nearest months for sure.


3 Responses to Windows 8 adoption rate is poor

  1. Adam says:

    I’d say a majority of why Windows 8 is doing bad comes from two things.
    One, people hate different: They just want to keep doing the same thing the same way they’ve always did it, and refuse to adapt.
    Two, press like this: When everyone says something is bad people are going to believe it. The only press about Windows 8 is that it isn’t doing well, and those that say it’s bad have problem one usually. The OS was marked for death before many could give it a chance and it’s a sad thing because Windows 8 has great potential once people make the switch.
    I think the best move MSFT could make right now is to drastically drop the price of Windows 8, even offer free or discounted upgrades and then make their money on the project blue.

    • Oleg Kokorin says:

      I totally agree that people hate different. There are however different shades of different. That’s why it is reasonable to compare how fast different OSes are being adopted. All of them were different from the status quo when they were released in the first place.

      • Adam says:

        True, the change from XP to Vista was much less than that of the gap from 7 to 8, though I’ve noticed a pattern with Windows releases, and it’s been true since 95. They release a new OS that changes stuff up (95, ME, Vista, and now 8) and then they simply tweak or refine, or in the case of ME complete the OS they released previous (98, XP, 7, and soon Blue). All in all the good Windows releases are the same as the bad ones, just with a minor tweak. Again in the case of ME to XP it was actually moving the consumer OS off the MS-DOS base and fully onto the NT kernel so that was a bigger step than the rest of them.

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