MobileNoter for BlackBerry released

October 9, 2012

Finally, MobileNoter has been released for the BlackBerry platform! It works on BlackBerry PlayBook tablets. We don’t have plans to migrate it to BlackBerry phones as of now, but anything is possible in the future. Needless to say, MobileNoter is the only solution available for BlackBerry users, who need to be able to work with their Onenote notebooks.


Zombies overtook the AppStore

August 5, 2012

While zombies are the popular hero of many mobile games, the concept that they actually overran the AppStore is a new one. According to a recent study, more than 2/3 of all the apps in the AppStore get virtually no downloads and obviously don’t make any money for developers. The tech press went on to call these apps by the name of “walking dead”, guaranteeing catchy captions.

With over 100,000 downloads of MobileNoter and several tens of thousand customers, we certainly don’t complain.

MobileNoter for iPad updated recently

June 21, 2012

MobileNoter for iPad was updated recently. This update is basically the same as previous update for iPhone. More exciting updates are still coming for Android and iOS pretty soon, which will contain the most wanted features: ability to add new notes and notebooks, incremental (read: fast) sync with cloud, and some other.


MobileNoter for iPhone updated

May 27, 2012

MobileNoter for iPhone was just updated recently. Among other things it received a new improved editing capabilities and in-app purchases of the subscription. Other niceties include Undo/Redo features, Copy/Paste, magnifying glass, and resizable outlines. We got more updates for both iOS and Android coming out in June!

Apple reinvents education?

January 25, 2012

The release of educational platform is a strong move by Apple. Not only it’s a market that hasn’t seen any significant innovations for years. Getting young people hooked on theĀ  iOS platform early is a great way to ensure they’ll be willing to buy Apple stuff when they grow up. However, it might be a bit too soon for Apple to celebrate. I expect the same move by Amazon in a few months. Eventually they will ship a better tablet than their current Kindle Fire is, and with the clout they have among traditional publishers, they’ll be able to grab the lead in tablet-based educational market.

Amazon is becoming a super-monster company of the new age. Their cloud services were basically the first large-scale commercial cloud available, and it seemed to be a bit weird for them to move into it. These days, after their strong tablet debut, it won’t surprise me if Amazon releases a personal cloud platform (think gmail and Google Docs), a browser (take Chromium), a search engine (becoming a commodity too), ad platform (hello AdWord). This all can happen thanks to their deep penetration into consumer market and democratic (think cheap) pricing. Now this is a threat that Google might not survive.

MobileNoter in 2011

January 15, 2012

2011 was a monster year for MobileNoter. We didn’t get to our goal of 100,000 customers by the end of 2011, but still we are several tens of thousands users in. If you decide to compare these numbers to other services, like Evernote or Catch, remember that these are paying customers we are talking about, not people who download free stuff with the intention of never paying. The 100,000 customers milestone is postponed to the year of 2012 now.

Microsoft released Onenote for iPhone in January and then Onenote for iPad in December 2011. What’s good about these releases: first, they determined the price and trial terms. It will definitely influence our decisions in the future. Second, their release allowed us to differentiate our product from theirs pretty easily. Microsoft provides basic access to their Skydrive stored notes, which is totally free for everyone except power users. MobileNoter gives you full access to the notes stored on Skydrive, Dropbox, your computer, while preserving all graphics, drawings, and provides complete Onenote for Windows experience on the mobile devices. The release of Onenote for iOS from Microsoft has some positive and negative impact on us. Overall, it is a somewhat neutral event.

Android was our top platform in 2011. The sales of MobileNoter for Android went from zero to more than that of for iOS during the year. Two factors helped: exceptionally great releases of MobileNoter for Android and skyrocketing growth of the platform itself. Even MobileNoter sales in Amazon Appstore showed significant growth despite a slow start. The Kindle Fire is to thank for this.

We expect to have some great releases of MobileNoter of iOS in 2012, so this platform is not to be ignored. The dominance of iOS over Android is however evaporating and soon it will be gone forever, as more as more developers find their income from Android growing over that of from iOS.

Our plans for BlackBerry lost some priority as the year of 2011 clearly demonstrated that the platform is struggling to survive. If the enterprise mobile users move to Android/Windows 8 and leave RIM products, then those Blackberries may never see a native MobileNoter and thus receive access to their Onenote notes.

Finally, 2011 was the year when MobileNoter as a startup reached several important financial milestones. If you ever ran a startup, you know what I’m talking about. We never doubted that the day would come, but it’s nice to actually experience it.



Microsoft releases Onenote for iPad

December 13, 2011

Microsoft finally released Onenote for iPad, almost a year after they released Onenote for iPhone. While it seems to be pretty nice looking, the users complain about the following problems:

– Does not work without a Skydrive account;

– No inking support, neither read or write;

– No text formatting (bold, underline, etc.);

– No ability to move or resize images;

– No ability to create new sections or notebooks;

– No ability to zoom in/out;

– Links/hyperlinks don’t work;

– No file attachments.

To be fair, MobileNoter doesn’t completely cover this list either, but at least we have most of it. The latest update of MobileNoter for Android just received inking “read only” support. The ability to draw on Android phones and tablets is coming out pretty soon too. But the biggest news is a totally new release of MobileNoter for iPad coming out beginning of 2012. Some competition is good for the users.