MobileNoter SE HD 4.2 for Android released

September 17, 2012

As promised, we released a new update for Android tablets. This is the best version of MobileNoter ever, and the best way to work with OneNote on Android.


MobileNoter for iPad updated recently

June 21, 2012

MobileNoter for iPad was updated recently. This update is basically the same as previous update for iPhone. More exciting updates are still coming for Android and iOS pretty soon, which will contain the most wanted features: ability to add new notes and notebooks, incremental (read: fast) sync with cloud, and some other.


iPad market share

April 15, 2012

This is the chart from IDC with the recent predictions about iPad market share, which everyone has been talking about. Many dismiss it as a total crap, because it assumes that the tablet market (which includes sub-tablets like Kindle Fire) will only double in 4 years. To put it into perspective, take a look into the growth from 2010 to 2011.

However, another big reason this forecast is wrong is the impact Wintel. First, Intel will introduce their 22nm Atom chips this year, and they will start appearing in smartphones and tablets. Remember Motorola 68000 family? PowerPC G family? Probably not. That’s because Apple stopped using them and replaced with Intel chips. Cell processor? Say good buy to it, because new Sony PlayStation will use an x86 chip. That’s pretty much what’s going to happen with ARM eventually. Second, Microsoft is going to have its Windows 8 ready and start pushing it to the new phones and tablets. While anyone can theoretically take Intel chips and create new tablets for any OS, it’s been always Windows that Intel favored.

So, Intel will provide a hardware platform, Microsoft will provide a tablet-optimized OS, is there going to be anybody willing to buy Wintel tablets? Enterprises. They respected RIM for secure devices, but it’s a given that it has no future. They don’t like iPads because it’s an environment totally controlled by Apple. They hate Android because it is completely uncontrolled and unmanaged. Everyone is used to having a Microsoft-based infrastructure. “You can’t get fired for buying from Microsoft” is the enterprise mantra our days.


MobileNoter SE HD for Android updated

February 19, 2012

MobileNoter SE HD for Android has been updated in the Google Android Market. Just like with MobileNoter SE update – this update offers full inking capabilities, plus other niceties like copy/paste and undo/redo functions. See our product blog for more details.

Apple reinvents education?

January 25, 2012

The release of educational platform is a strong move by Apple. Not only it’s a market that hasn’t seen any significant innovations for years. Getting young people hooked on theĀ  iOS platform early is a great way to ensure they’ll be willing to buy Apple stuff when they grow up. However, it might be a bit too soon for Apple to celebrate. I expect the same move by Amazon in a few months. Eventually they will ship a better tablet than their current Kindle Fire is, and with the clout they have among traditional publishers, they’ll be able to grab the lead in tablet-based educational market.

Amazon is becoming a super-monster company of the new age. Their cloud services were basically the first large-scale commercial cloud available, and it seemed to be a bit weird for them to move into it. These days, after their strong tablet debut, it won’t surprise me if Amazon releases a personal cloud platform (think gmail and Google Docs), a browser (take Chromium), a search engine (becoming a commodity too), ad platform (hello AdWord). This all can happen thanks to their deep penetration into consumer market and democratic (think cheap) pricing. Now this is a threat that Google might not survive.

Kindle Fire is a firestarter

November 27, 2011

Amazon released their Kindle Fire only about a week ago, but the sales our MobileNoter in Amazon AppStore have exploded. They are still not as big as those of the Apple’s or Google’s appstores, but an increase by 5 times is a nice thing. Amazon AppStore is definitely getting some traction after all. That’s why we are going to release our HD version into Amazon – it should be approved any day now. Also, we are going to do an update to our Android versions of MobileNoter with some really nice features in December this year.

New MobileNoter SE for Android tablets tutorial video released

November 9, 2011

The new MobileNoter SE for Android tablets is awesome. People are not just saying that, they are also putting their money where their mouths are. Here is the tutorial video: