MobileNoter for BlackBerry released

October 9, 2012

Finally, MobileNoter has been released for the BlackBerry platform! It works on BlackBerry PlayBook tablets. We don’t have plans to migrate it to BlackBerry phones as of now, but anything is possible in the future. Needless to say, MobileNoter is the only solution available for BlackBerry users, who need to be able to work with their Onenote notebooks.


Concept of OneNote dedicated phone

October 2, 2012

Another day, another cool concept of a phone. This time it is a 5.5 inch “phablet“, a phone-tablet hybrid, dedicated specifically to OneNote MX. The phone would be obviously manufactured by Nokia, carry Windows 8, and compete with Samsung Galaxy Note family. BTW, Samsung sold over 10 millions of those, which is a number Nokia can only envy of. The source of this and other nice phone concepts is here.

MobileNoter SE 4.1 for Android released. Incremental sync is out!

August 15, 2012

Finally, incremental sync has been implemented in MobileNoter. Incremental sync means that only changed notes are synchronized with the note storage, like SkyDrive. This greatly speeds up the sync, saves data traffic and phone battery. More details about this release are here.

Also, for all the people with BlackBerry PlayBooks out there – your wait is going to be over in a couple of weeks. MobileNoter is coming to BlackBerry. To the best of our knowledge Microsoft is not going to release OneNote for BlackBerry, so MobileNoter is for the rescue.

MobileNoter in 2011

January 15, 2012

2011 was a monster year for MobileNoter. We didn’t get to our goal of 100,000 customers by the end of 2011, but still we are several tens of thousands users in. If you decide to compare these numbers to other services, like Evernote or Catch, remember that these are paying customers we are talking about, not people who download free stuff with the intention of never paying. The 100,000 customers milestone is postponed to the year of 2012 now.

Microsoft released Onenote for iPhone in January and then Onenote for iPad in December 2011. What’s good about these releases: first, they determined the price and trial terms. It will definitely influence our decisions in the future. Second, their release allowed us to differentiate our product from theirs pretty easily. Microsoft provides basic access to their Skydrive stored notes, which is totally free for everyone except power users. MobileNoter gives you full access to the notes stored on Skydrive, Dropbox, your computer, while preserving all graphics, drawings, and provides complete Onenote for Windows experience on the mobile devices. The release of Onenote for iOS from Microsoft has some positive and negative impact on us. Overall, it is a somewhat neutral event.

Android was our top platform in 2011. The sales of MobileNoter for Android went from zero to more than that of for iOS during the year. Two factors helped: exceptionally great releases of MobileNoter for Android and skyrocketing growth of the platform itself. Even MobileNoter sales in Amazon Appstore showed significant growth despite a slow start. The Kindle Fire is to thank for this.

We expect to have some great releases of MobileNoter of iOS in 2012, so this platform is not to be ignored. The dominance of iOS over Android is however evaporating and soon it will be gone forever, as more as more developers find their income from Android growing over that of from iOS.

Our plans for BlackBerry lost some priority as the year of 2011 clearly demonstrated that the platform is struggling to survive. If the enterprise mobile users move to Android/Windows 8 and leave RIM products, then those Blackberries may never see a native MobileNoter and thus receive access to their Onenote notes.

Finally, 2011 was the year when MobileNoter as a startup reached several important financial milestones. If you ever ran a startup, you know what I’m talking about. We never doubted that the day would come, but it’s nice to actually experience it.



You never know how far your competitor is

April 4, 2011

It turns out that a Blackberry version of our competitor EvernoteĀ  has been developed by Axmor – a company whose offices reside in a building next to ours. The guys are literally just half a mile away from us. How is that for globalization? OK, when get serious about porting MobileNoter to Blackberry (and this is coming soon!), we know whom we should contact. šŸ˜‰